The National (with Sufjan Stevens) - Afraid of Everyone on Letterman

A wild Sufjan appears.

“I don’t understand why bands do that. It seems really tacky to me. I get asked all the time .Those shows are just promoting insipid comedies. Who watches those shows? And whoever does-I don’t think my music would speak to those people. I don’t even want those people to hear what I’m doing. I think musicians should stay off television generally.” -Sufjan on Late Night TV, Interview Magazine


It’s nice that he can swallow his elitist bullshit to play with friends. I would too if the band’s drummer was John Lennon. It’s weird seeing him sing without an instrument, but that vest and jacket suit him nicely.

Anyway, this song is so addictive—the kind that crawls under your skin. That whole album is awesome, especially if you like sad songs with manic energy. It’s for when you don’t have anyone tangible to commiserate with.

When I thought my love for Sufjan couldn’t increase more…

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    I’m just going to focus on the amazing national song because sufjan is 2 awk
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    this still makes me bawl because it’s just too much perfection for me to handle
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    Freakin A this is great! :D
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    The National are amazing, and I don’t need to reiterate my love for Sufjan.
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