Zé! by B Fachada

I didn’t had much of a choice for this letter. Of the 6 song’s beginning with Z, 2 are from B Fachada, and the other songs I don’t care that much about them. So I’ve chosen this one because it was one of the first songs of him that I’ve heard, and I can remember I was driving my car alone, it was dusk and I was lost in the stupid city where I study. And hearing this tense song, which is about a man who’s goal in life is it to have a Cadillac, made perfect sense at that time. Well, It’s just a very accurate allegory to portuguese culture over the last 50 years, or ever. 

E trabalhei que me fartei,

desde que acordei até que me deitei

para ter um Cadillac e levar esta vida de rei

Anyway, I’m glad this meme is over. It was my first, and it’s probably my last. I’ve noticed most of the songs that weren’t reblogged had 2 plays, so I want to thank those two people who clicked the play buttun in every son. And also to everyone who took time to read my ramblings.

Your Light is Spent
Final Fantasy

Your Light is Spent by Final Fantasy (or should I say, Owen Pallett?)

It is a very simple, violin pizzicato based song. But the pleading, warm way Owen sings it, makes the song irresistible. It was the song that introduced me to Final Fantasy/Owen Pallett, and Has a Good Home is still my favourite album from him (although all day I had Heartland in my head).

Scan the sky for signs of heaven

heaven? what uses has heaven for you?

spend your time instead,

spend your time with us…us

Patrick Wolf

X by Patrick Wolf

When you start a random meme on a random day, you end up getting a lot of surprises. Like today, searching for songs beginning with an X, I find out that I have just this one in my media library! I don’t have anything to say about it, I don’t even have lyrics to post because it is an instrumental piece. So, it’s a meme fail.

weather systems
Andrew Bird

Weather Systems by Andrew Bird

Quiet, quiet down she said

speaking to back of his head

on the edge of the bed

I can see your blood flow

I can see your cells grow

This is such an unique and moving song. It always fills me with a feelling of quiet bliss. That crying violin towards the end, blended by Birds’ vocals, takes you up next to the weather systems he sings about, and you let your mind float with the sound.

This song marked one little, unique and blissful moment in my life. Last year, it was also a saturday and the weather was exactly like today: a warm, grey clouded day. I had some time to kill, and I was at the top of a mount in my town, and there was no one there. So I lay down on the warm rocks, and the mp3 player started playing this song and, for about ten minutes in my life, there was just me, the warm rock where I was laying, the cloudy sky and this song. And the whole town was at my feet. Everytime I hear this song I am taken to that moment.

'Cause I can see it all from here,

Now I can see

weather systems of the world

And everytime I see those rocks, from the town I am reminded of this song.

I was almost to choose another song for the W letter (there are a lot of possibilities), but then I realized it was a saturday, and the weather was exactly like that days’ weather. And then I also had to go to that mount today. So I got the signs.

Vito's Ordination Song
Sufjan Stevens

Vito’s Ordinary Song by Sufjan Stevens

Because I couldn’t do a music meme without a Sufjan song. No wonder Sufjan Stevens is so influent in the music world nowadays: he is the perfect combination between criativity, talent, interpertation and voice. And niceness. And looks.

And when you write a poem

I know the words, I know the sounds

I try not reading too much into this song, but it always catches me. The organ at the beginning, the stripped way he sings. And, of course, the way the whole song builds up to the end. Another great closing song.

For what I did and said 

rest in my arms, sleep in my bed

there’s a design


Untitled by Interpol

Choosing this song for this meme is kind of ironic. Even though I thought I could do this meme without Interpol, I obviously couldn’t, because Turn On The Bright Lights was such an influential album to me, and it’s still one album I am very fond of, and need to hear from time to time. Antics is also good, but this one has something special they could never do again. Or maybe it came in a special time for me. I jut know that this is one of my favourite songs from them. That duet between guitar and bass? Interpol was the first band that made me realize there was such a thing as a bass!! (I told you I was lame). 

I will surprise you sometime

i’ll come ‘round when your down

Tables and Chairs
Andrew Bird

Tables and Chairs by Andrew Bird

If we can call them friends,

than we can call them on red telephones

and they won’t pretend that they’re too busy 

or they’re not alone

When I started this meme I didn’t realized the T day would be May 26th. Well, a year ago, at this exact time, I was watching Bird play live. He ended up the show with this song, which is basically hes anthem. 

I feel this song as bittersweet: he’s talking about the end of the world as we know it, but there is nothing we can do to stop it. We can just enjoy life and hope to get along once it all changes.

I know we’re gonna meet someday

in the crumbled finantial institutions of these land

there will be tables and chairs,

there’ll be poney rides and dancing bears

there will even be a band

This was the song that brought Andrew Bird back to the surface, from my subconscious and the depths of my computer. And it helped changing my life. 

there will be snacks, there will

B Fachada

Setembro by B Fachada

Because it is titled after the month I was born, and leaves me with the same happy, contempt feeling as the birthday party with all the people you love. And because it reminds me of a happy month in my life, not long ago.

E quando o sonho saciar

vou fazer de tudo pr’acordar

Rock Upon A Porch With You
The Boy Least Likely To

Rock upon a porch with you by The Boy Least Likely to

My twee phase is over, but it started with this song. And when I still listen to it nowadays, I still have the same smile I had on the first time I gave this song a listen. Nowadays, I look at life (and especially at elderly life) differently, but it is still a comforting idea that you can sing:

Some day when i’m older

I’ll rock upon a porch with you

rock upon a porch with you

remember all the possibles and the books we used to read

because somehow after everything

and everyone that we’ve been throught

I’m kinda looking forward to

rocking back and forth with you

on the front steps of our sweet retirement home

It’s such a lively, happy, twee song, that gets me always singing along to it with a stupid smile on my face.

Quelqu’un Ma Dit by Carla Bruni

The Q letter was the harder too choose due to the lack of songs beginning with a Q. This was the only one who actually brought any sound to my head once I read the title. And It’s just a soft, lovely song, perfect to be singed in french.

On dit que le destin se moque bien de nous

Qu’il nous donne rien et qu’il nous promet tout

Parait qu’le bonheur est à portée de main

Alors on tend la main et on se retrouve fou  

Also, I have to mention that I reblogged the audio from vanillaflavoredacidtongues who completely read my mind and posted this song today =)