Year of the Dragon (Arranged by Nico Muhly)
Sufjan Stevens

Year of the Dragon arranged by Nico Muhly

This is my chinese zodiac sign.

I was searching for my chinese sign to post a song from Run Rabbit Run. It turned out to be year of the Dragon, exactly the song I was listening to. Oh, just another scoreless victory for serendipity


Final Fantasy - This Is the Dream of Win and Regine.

The struggle of two beautiful people, sung by one of the best. On a side not I’m loving Final Fantasy’s…I mean Owen Pallett latest, Heartland. Check it out.

 The intro to this song is so amazing!

See the Enemy
Andrew Bird


Andrew Bird - See the Enemy

(the way he says “right?”!!!)

Lewis Takes Action
Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy | Lewis Takes Action

free download at Domino
New album January 12!!

 Just Listened to this now. Wow! That’s a very different Final Fantasy! But I like it! Can’t wait for this release. This + Vampire Weekend + Arcade Fire are making me excited for 2010.


You never saw me coming

but now i’m all you see

and if you thought of running now

you’ll find that you don’t run as fast as me

Doveman - Honey

I can’t get this song out of my head. It is a great song for a cold, rainy day like today.

Blank Slate
The National

The National - Blank Slate

I’m going out looking in parked cars

for somebody famous to kidnap and love

beat off an army wth a tennis racquet

that’s my whole plan


But I keep it upstairs,

keep it upstairs for the grand finale

Fur Soft As Fur
The Boy Least Likely To

The Boy Least Likely To - Fur Softest Fur

I’m afraid of letting go

of everything I know

so i just sadly float away downstream

smiling at the leaves

chewing butter beans

and wondering what dreams are made of fur

fur, fur, softest fur

fur so soft it hurts

fur too soft for words

fur softest fur

there was a time in my life in which i thought this song was about my life and The Boy Least Likely To were the only ones who understood me. Fortunatlly, that phase is over. Still, i think The Boy Least Likely To made the best songs about being afraid of growing up and turning into adults.

Family Tree
Belle and Sebastian

Belle and Seabastian - Family Tree

this music popped-up in my media player and I realized how much i missed it.

Oh Sufjan, you’re making me fall in love with you again! Great, great song. Can’t stop listening to it!

also, there is a Dressner brother playing in the song!!

American Indie world, you’re spoilling me…



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