David Byrne & St. Vincent - Who

Some Of Them Are Old (Le Poisson Rouge)
St. Vincent


St. Vincent w/Doveman - Some of Them Are Old (Brian Eno Cover)

I was over the moon to find a recording of “Some of Them Are Old,” from The Burgundy Stain Sessions w/Doveman in January of 2011. I had only previously heard the one at Sundance. Enjoy.

St. Vincent - Strange Mercy

I’m in love with the way she sings each and every single word on this song.

I love this pat of the video! She is so genuinely in love with what she does!

I love this pat of the video! She is so genuinely in love with what she does!

Days go by and the past don’t seem so far


Simply Delightful.

Ok: a kind of decent quality video of a live performance of one of my favorite songs? With crazy violin on the background? And whistle???

Thank you, internet.

Just The Same But Brand New
St. Vincent

Just The Same But Brand New by St. Vincent

I don’t have a favorite St. Vincent Song. Maybe Marry Me, for personal reasons. Her albuns fee tight, the songs fit perfectly in the sequence. And, for Actor, this song feels like a closing song. It has a magical aura surrounding it, almost lifting you up while you listen to it. And at the end there is this sound that’s like a net catching you, falling back to the ground.

And anything you wrote I checked for codes and clues

The letters stopped unceremoniously in June

So I changed my I’s and A’s to yours

I’m just the same but brand new

Also, this poster is perfection.

Also, this poster is perfection.

It was a year ago that a few lucky people were blessed with the opportunity to see these too incredibly talented people playing together. We, poor outsiders, only got a little tryst of that evening, but is always good to remember these indescribably beautiful moments.

I’m always amused & amusing you…



this is great! And it was posted the same day I posted this. Only now I took knowledge of that! Coincidences…